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Stay updated with the people you care about the most.

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All your contacts automatically updated in one place

Whenever your contacts updates their contact information, Skyid automatically syncs it to your contacts in Gmail and your Microsoft account- as well as replacing their old information in your phone, leaving your contacts up to date 24/7.

Pricing Perspective
Pricing Perspective

Add your contacts to different cards for better management

Skyid makes it easy to differentiate colleagues, sports pals, family, friends and anyone else from one another. Instead of keeping a messy collection of address books, emails, and business cards, Skyid lets you keep it all in the palm of your hand.

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Sometimes keeping up with new contact information can be a real pain. I remember one time I switched cell phone providers and got myself a...


Forgot to ask my friend for his number before he moved

It'd been about a month after our High School graduation when my best friend told me he was moving out of state for...


I couldn't cancel my meeting

Keeping track of people can almost feel like a fulltime job, especially when your climbing the corporate ladder. I had a meeting...


Why we build Skyid

Skyid was created to be the ideal product to maximize the busiest, most important, and craziest part of your life: the people.

We know how hectic and confusing everyday life can get. Keeping track of the people you meet is an essential skill in today’s rapidly expanding world. Bosses, customers, the guy who walks your dog- the list goes on. Sounds simple at first, but let’s face it, whether you have your own business or just spend the weekends running the bar scene, you are bound to accumulate an impressive list of names you’d really regret forgetting.

Remembering the vital people in your life is one thing, but communicating is something else entirely. Skyid grabs the contact information from everyone you add to the database. From a professional point of view, Skyid makes sure you send the right information to the people who need to see it.

Simply put- Skyid allows you to keep updated on all the latest contact information. You’ll be notified if your contact has changed their information and will automatically sync the new information into your phone.

Stay updated. Stay organized. Stay one step ahead.

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